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Established in 2001, Ofitech has been a leading manufacturer and marketer in document and data security shredder in China. We develop, manufacture and distribute full range shredders, from personal use to commercial level for security destruction of paper documents, credit cards, CDs, and microchips. For decades, we have enjoyed sound reputation for innovative shredding solutions and quality products for our clients worldwide including retailers, wholesalers, distributors, government, enterprises, banks, and military. Buy Commercial Shredder, Office Shredder, Coffee Machine from NINGBO OFITECH BUSINESS MACHINES CO.,LTD.
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Shredder cuts media
Shredder cuts media

Now a very common office electrical appliances is the shredder, as our confidential document destruction assistant

Purchasing Guide for shredder
Purchasing Guide for shredder

In addition to the number of pieces of paper shredder, the most important thing is the grade of paper shredder.

Notes on using shredder
Notes on using shredder

The shredder is composed of a rotating blade, a paper comb and a driving motor.